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Better Than A Lemonade Stand

What kids do when their parents won't give them an allowance.TM

Our story is rather simple. We wanted to take some extra classes that were "technically" outside of our homeschooling curriculum. Mom and Dad explained to us that we had a tight family budget and that "extras" like gymnastics, rock climbing and fencing just didn't fit into the equation nor did the robot building kits we wanted. Mom sat down and explained to us that people, like Dad, go to work and earn money and that money doesn't come from an ATM machine whenever we want it. The whole supply and demand thing basically came down to, we had demands and cash was in short supply. Noah and I went to work devising a list of things we could do to earn money. Once we realized that there were child labor laws and that people don't generally hire 5 (almost 6) and 4 year olds, our list shortened rather quickly. Then I had an idea. Mom creates art and sells it, why couldn't we? Noah and I set to work creating various designs that reflected our homeschool and interests. Then, Mom found a wonderful site that would put our creations on various things and sell them for us and pay us a commission check each month based on our sales and referalls from others (if you like what we did, make sure to mention us as the people who told you about them!).

This project will hopefully generate enough revenue for us to not only take classes and purchase the things we'd like for our homeschool, but teach us about economics, marketing, investing and being self-determined in a practical way. Mom has also made us aware of the fact that 10% of everything we make will go to Compassion International so we can help other kids get an education and have their basic needs met.

Please tell your friends about our site and our project. We really want to sell lots of stuff. We will be adding new designs often and as our reading and writing skills progress, we look forward to adding a blog and sharing with the world what we have learned.

Hi, I am Ben. I am almost 6 years old and am the mastermind behind many of the ideas we have around here. I hope you like what I have created for you and that you tell everyone you know about our site.
Hi, I'm Noah. I am 4 years old and am the "real" mastermind behind almost all of the ideas around here. Ben is my best friend and we really tried our best to make some cool things for people to buy. Please tell everyone you know about our site.
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